Anticorrosion Additives for Metals Temporary Protection

During their machining, metals can be stored during more or less long periods of time and be exposed to an aggressive environment: humidity, polluting gases…
Corrosion that will be developed on the surface will then disturb coming operations (coating application, chemical  treatment…). Protection during these periods is then necessary. We talk about temporary protection or inter-stage protection.

Anticorrosion additives developped by ASCOTEC® for temporary protection are the ideal solution to replace greases and protecting varnishes which are often difficult to remove and not easy to use. The way ASCOTRAN® will interact is very specific. Their barrier effect is ensured by the formation of a monolayer of chemically sorbed molecules on the metal surface. There is no need to eliminate this molecular protecting film before an assembly or painting operation.

Example of implementation during a metal working operation

mise en oeuvre operation d'usinage


  • Temporary protection of ferrous metals
  • Possible use in high-pressure cleansing systems
  • Temporary protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • High level of protection of cuprous metals

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