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Anticorrosion Additives
for Metal Working

During metal working processes, metals are in contact with fluids of different natures and of different functions : lubricants, degreasers, cutting oils, grinding fluids, etc… These fluids must protect metals from corrosion, but also cutting tools. Water-based fluids (emulsions or solutions) more and more replace mineral fluids, more harmful and difficult to dispose. It is the reason why ASCOTEC® has developed a complete range of anticorrosion additives for metal working, designed for each application.


Most of the anticorrosion additives developed by ASCOTEC® for metal working are fully hydrosoluble and VOC-free. It makes their use very easy.
They are free from heavy metals, and don’t contain any bore, nitrite, silicate or molybdate.

  • Soluble lubricants
  • Grinding fluids
  • Cutting oils
  • Water-based degreasers
  • Rinsing baths
  • Multimetal protection
  • Neutral to low alkaline media
  • Non foaming
  • Stable in hard water
  • VOC-free
  • Water-based degreasers
  • Neutralizing baths after acid operations
  • Protection of ferrous metals
  • Very alkaline media
  • Low use dosages
  • Water-based degreasers
  • Rinsing baths
  • Protection of technical alloys (Al, Mg, Ni, Zn, Cu)
  • Neutral to low alkaline media
  • VOC-free