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ASCOTEC®, your key partner for anticorrosion

With 20 years’ experience behind, ASCOTEC®, as an independent company, is considered as one of the major players in anticorrosion field.


ASCOTEC® designs, manufactures and markets liquid ranges of anticorrosion additives, namely ASCOTRAN® and ASCONIUM® that meet almost all needs. These innovative additives, efficient and eco-aware can be used in various fields such as paints, metallurgy and cleansing products.

Additives for various fields

In Paints & Coatings, ASCOTEC® is recognized by major manufacturers, with a complete range of anticorrosion additives which meet all needs : anticorrosion performance of metal paints with the range ASCONIUM®, metal substrates protection during application of waterborne coatings and packaging protection with the range of flash-rust inhibitor additives ASCOTRAN®.

ASCOTEC® can also handle corrosion problems in various metal machining processes , such as lubrication, stripping, degreasing, cleansing, control and storage.
Finally, ASCOTRAN® corrosion inhibitors have been specifically developed for heat-transfer fluids in all their potential applications (automotive, industry, equipment cooling systems, geothermy etc…).

An international marketable know-how


ASCOTEC® has developed over the years an expertise serving its customers by offering customized solutions as well as a well-tried technical support.


ASCOTEC® is worldwide represented through its distributors’ network.


ASCOTEC® is ISO 9001 certified since 2003, which guarantees the quality of its activity including design, manufacturing and sales.