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Research & Development

With 20 years of experience, ASCOTEC’s team is focused on the design of new products, the development of innovative processes and

customized performance tests upon customer’s requests.


For many years, ASCOTEC® has been committed to producing more eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors. Several products are therefore already based on bio-sourced raw materials. Furthermore, the low dosage required (0.5 – 2%) for the effectiveness of ASCOTEC products prevents the finished products from being labelled with pictogram.


Electrochemistry is one of the key advanced testing methods intensively used in ASCOTEC® projects.  By approaching the corrosion process as closely as possible, our engineers are able to anticipate the behaviour of new products in the real life, and to identify the best synergies within the formulations of our corrosion inhibitors.


ASCOTEC® can also offer a customized validation of its additives in customer’s own products. We will follow either the customer’s own testing method or the standardized ones to evaluate the efficiency of our additives in the customer’s products.

When existing corrosion inhibitors formulations do not fully meet customer’s expectations, because of particular features related to the corrosion process, ASCOTEC® will offer a specific study to customize or develop a suitable additive.


ASCOTEC® laboratory has also developed over the years an expertise in coating formulations, especially in waterborne ones, our customers can benefit from them:

Find some formulations on UL PROSPECTOR.