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ASCOTRUST® is a range of innovative, liquid-form, and tannic acid-free rust-converting additives for waterborne coatings, that is ecolabel compliant and VOC free.
These additives provide rust-converting properties to the coating layer and enable direct applications on rust or on poorly prepared substrates.
Therefore, they ensure an efficient rust-blocking effect as soon as the paint is applied and form a passivation layer between the substrate and the coating layer; this helps to maintain the coating’s anticorrosion performance, despite adverse substrate conditions.

They can be used inside both waterborne clear-coatings and paints. A waterborne anticorrosion clear-coating containing ASCOTRUST® can be used as a rust-converting pre-treatment which will perform better than tannic acid-based formulations or solventborne alkyd-based oils.
A waterborne metal paint based on ASCOTRUST® provides the following properties :

  • Prevention of the rust “migration” trought the paint layer, even on recently rusted surfaces.
  • Preserving the coating’s color.
  • Avoiding strong de-rusting operations before painting, without loss of performance.
  • Not compromising the coating anticorrosion performance on non-rusted substrates.

In addition, ASCOTRUST® completes the action of the antiflash-rust additive on very reactive substrates.



ASCOTRUST®-X1The most universal. Ideal for iron oxide - bases coatings
ASCOTRUST®-X2Good compatibility in clear-coatings
ASCOTRUST®-X3High synergy with flash-rust inhibitoes. Mainly used for primers.
ASCOTRUST®-X4High water resistance. Ideal for DTM coatings.